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Luxury trailer toilet hire

Did you know there were so many questions about toilets?

Frequently asked questions

On this page, we answer the questions about luxury mobile toilets most often asked by customers. Please do not hesitate to call or contact us us if you have further questions.

1. What is a luxury portable loo?
Luxury mobile toilets look like large caravans, but they are taller and squarer to accommodate plumbing and electrical equipment. Portable Loo Hire's mobile toilets have two doors on the outside to separate ladies' and gents' compartments with steps leading up to each door.
2. What comes with your mobile toilets?
  • Warm running water
  • Flushing toilets with wooden seats
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Gold finish taps
  • Paper hand towels
  • Liquid soap
  • Pictures
  • Air fresheners
  • Interior heating
  • Wooden fittings
3. Do your loos require water supply?
No. All our mobile toilets have a large tank to supply water for hand washing; the toilets use a recycling system.
4. Do your loos need to be connected to a mains?
No. Our mobile toilets cleanly store all waste products in a sealed tank for disposal at our premises. However, they can be connected to a mains when used for longer periods.
5. Do your loos require electrical supply?
Yes. Our mobile toilets need a standard 13 amp household socket or the 16 amp blue socket that is by supplied marquee companies or event electricians . We supply 25 metres of electrical cable as standard and can provide more on request.
6. Could the waste tank overflow?
Our waste tanks have a large safety margin and we only supply mobile toilets appropriate for the number of guests at each event.
7. How much does it cost to hire a mobile toilet?
Portable Loo Hire does not maintain a price list as each event is unique but we do ensure our prices are competitive Please call or contact us for a personalised quotation.
8. What is included in the price?
We try and include everything you will need, including:
  • Toilet paper - cubicles are supplied with four toilet rolls
  • Paper hand towels
  • Liquid soap
9. Can I put extras in the mobile toilet?
You are welcome to put flowers, perfume in our portable toilet units. Naked flames, however, are a fire risk. And we request that you do not fix anything to the interior or exterior of the units with glue, nails etc as this may damage the unit.
10. When are mobile toilets delivered?
Typically, we deliver up to two days before an event and collect up to two days after. But we can fit in with your arrangements.
11. How much access do you need?
All access roads and entrances must accommodate the height and width of the mobile toilet you have chosen. A van with a trailer loo attached also needs to make wide turns so tight corners and other obstacles may cause a problem. We always discuss these issues with customers prior to a booking. Where necessary, we offer free site visits.
12. Can your mobile toilets be sited on grass?
As long as the grass is well drained and reasonably flat, portable toilet units can go on grass. We always discuss these issues with customers prior to a booking. Where necessary, we offer free site visits.
13. Does the site need to be flat?
Mobile toilets can be installed on sloping or uneven ground but the unit must be level in order to work properly. This can cause problems, so we always discuss these issues with customers prior to a booking. Where necessary, we offer free site visits.
There are no legal requirements for distance from a mobile toilet to catering areas as long as there is adequate separation - a simple screen, marquee wall or even just a gap where no food is present will suffice. Our portable toilet units do not smell (see next question) so they can be placed as close to other areas of your event as is convenient.
15. Do your mobile toilets smell?
No. The waste tank is a sealed unit to stop smells escaping and the interiors are kept fresh with automatic air fresheners.
16. Do your mobile toilets fit in a marquee?
We often place our toilet units in marquees. You will need to liaise with your marquee supplier as most marquees are built around our portable toilets.
17. Can I move the portable toilet
No. Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover customers moving portable toilet units once installed. If you need to move a loo, please contact us and we will try and send a member of our staff to reposition it at an extra charge.
18. Can I lock a mobile toilet?
We can supply you with a key on request.
19. Can I hire a mobile toilet during the winter?
Yes. All our portable toilets are heated so they are suitable for the winter months.
20. Can you recommend a good marquee hire company?
Why not try our excellent sister company, County Marquees?

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.